What is ECOR?


Our Mission

We are a Company dedicated to the global commercialization of environmentally sustainable products and technologies. Description of our mission is summed up in one sentence: “ECOR Everywhere.”
We believe that our new industrial technology, at the time of admission, will induce turbulence in the way of expression the creativity of architects, interior designers, industrial designers and other professional groups in the field of design and production for many years to come.
Environmental sustainability is the unity of the welfare of the environment, economic and social orderliness. That is why our new, clean technological transformation contributes to the creation of new economic, environmental and social opportunities which help everyone, be it an individual, community, region or society in general.

Our Company

Noble Environmental Ltd. Serbia (NES) is a company with an innovative technology founded by environmental architect, designer and ECOR creator Robert Noble and was established with the mission of products, designs and commercializes ECOR products and processes.
Noble Environmental Ltd from Serbia is a subsidiary of the parent company Noble Environmental Europe AG (NEEU AG), located in the city of Zug in Switzerland, while innovation itself originates from Noble Environmental Techologies (NET) from San Diego in the United States.
NES manufacturing facility is located in Tavnik near Kraljevo. Production was launched in early 2014. At present, the factory operates one production line and post production within which to produce panels from ECOR-as well as a wide range of semi-finished and finished products from the panel. NES extends to approximately 1.5 ha of land in its possession in which the newly constructed hall of 1600m2 and 400m2 building in which the business and commercial sector. The company employs 77 workers. Expansion of the plant is in progress, and until mid-2015, will be built for another 4 production lines which will triple the production and create new jobs.
Sale of ECOR panels as well as the consumption of products from basic panel is dominated mostly directed at foreign markets, especially the EU and the US and is done through NEEU AG, but are sold directly from the factory to the geographically close countries and in Serbia itself.

A Letter from Our Founder

The new technologies we are developing at Noble Environmental Technologies — and their offspring hereafter — will be transformative worldwide: for human health, communities, the environment, job creation and economic growth. We are committed to this.

The forest products industry, as it stands, continues to be a remnant of historic forces. The engineered cellulose fiber products industry has generally remained in a state of suspended animation, without significant evolution for many decades. Yet, its latent potential for worldwide industrial and economic resurgence is unparalleled.

De-centralization and de-composition of the old industry model, and the development of new technology platforms are inevitable and will be beneficial to communities, consumers, the public at large and the environment. We can — right now — take advantage of the energy efficiencies (and therefore the environmental benefits) and economic benefits of securing raw materials and producing products nearby the final market.

Forest products currently are produced predominantly (in the U.S.) in the northwest and southeast. With ECOR®, rural, urban, prairies, desert and ranch lands/areas, in addition to forested regions, will be centers of new ‘green’ production. Not reliant on virgin and post-industrial waste wood, our three-dimensional, engineered molded fiber production processes will use waste paper, cardboard, newsprint, agricultural fibers, bovine processed fibers and other abundant, readily available, low cost raw material sources of post-consumer waste. This will create a new generation of jobs and expanding industrial and wealth-creation opportunities.

Raw material sources of agricultural fiber (waste and cash crops) will create new trade and economic activity in rural areas. Hemp, corn, wheat, kenaf, rice and others can all provide farmers an opportunity to build a new ‘eco-astounding’ manufactured product industry within their communities, states, and regions. Prairie grass and other waste or underutilized fiber can also be used in those regions without depleting food crops or forests. Combined with waste cardboard, paper and agricultural fiber, ECOR® production lines can be everywhere.

These technologies and the resulting products and industries may play a significant role in this country’s reversal of a long-standing culture of waste and inefficiency, which is embedded and still thriving as an enduring legacy of the 20th century. Our plan is for ECOR® to grow full term and create almost limitless new opportunities which will quietly wipe away such a destructive culture. We know that creativity and compassion, vision, need and economic opportunity will all fuel this transformation.

My hope, my vision, is that this new direction will enable and inspire generations; that they will continue on by enabling and embracing the creativity, innovation, compassion and vision that are everyone’s natural pre-disposition.

-Robert L. Noble, Founder/CEO of Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation, May 2013