FOTO Robert Noble Poseta u majuThe old message that the planet on which we live we didn’t inherit from our ancestors, but we just borrowed it from our descendants, in May this year, Robert Noble, founder and CEO of Noble Environmental Technologies in the United States of America (USA), visited Kraljevo, Tavnik.

His visit to Serbia, Kraljevo and factory “Noble Environmental” in Tavnik brings the story of the future that will, with understanding, entrepreneurial wisdom and will of those who are making ​​the decision to recognize the true value and it can very quickly become story of success, that is happening in Serbia.

“The first phase of development of our company in Serbia is completed, we are planning grand opening for next year. Currently, we have a full volume of production in the existing facility, but we are planning the expansion of the whole plant, ” Robert Noble said during his visit, adding that everything is carried out as planned, and the construction of the new planned building of about 6,500 square meters, is yet to be started.

The founder of the company says that business partners in the United States and around the world often ask why did they choose Serbia as a country for the expansion of business?

“My answer is always the same: because the leaders in our company and I estimate that Serbia, as a country, and then Kraljevo and Tavnik are very convenient, the ideal location for us and for the expansion of our company in this part of the world,” says Noble.

According to him, many European partners who have experience with investing in Serbia, advised them to do the same.

“In Serbia, the workers’ salaries are reasonable, and there are a large number of highly educated, high-quality personnel who are willing to work for our company. Behind them all is a great professional experience in the production of which of us decided to go to Serbia to build facilities, equip them with modern machines and start production here, “says Robert Noble.

He is an architect, designer of the environment, industrial designer and entrepreneur in the field of environmental technologies. He has won numerous regional and national awards for his industrial and architectural projects, and so called, green technology innovation. His entire career Robert Noble dedicated to mission of establishing companies that will merge environmentally designed professional design and sustainable products and production technologies in the construction industry and its export to other international markets.

During his visit, Robert Noble said that at the beginning of practicing architecture as his primary professio, first as a craftsman and artist, he was looking for a clean, harmless, non-toxic environment materials.

“This led him to invent and find a solution for his design and his art, ECOR material. I’ve always been interested in helping protect the environment in every way and helping others to preserve it. I’ve been doing this for 35 years. It was a long road, but we are finally in Kraljevo and we are doing it! “says Noble proudly.

His business tendencies are also based on designing and constructing low-budget facilities, therefor his personal mission was to find a material that is cheap and great for the construction of houses and buildings. The main goal of the American company is that the factory in Tavnik create a business that will employ residents of Serbia while preserving the environment.