FOTO Kamen temeljacKraljevo, April 17th 2013. – In Tavnik, village near Kraljevo today was ground-breaking ceremony for the new panel factory, ECOR®.

Thanks to the joint venture of investors, Rene Hausler from Switzerland and Robert Noble, founder and executive director of “Noble Environmental Technologies” in the United States of America (USA), who is an innovator of new technology in the manufacture of panels from recycled materials, the first factory in the our country with this kind of modern technology in Europe will be built in Tavnik, which is located on the midpoint between Cacak and Kraljevo.

“ECOR panel factory, which will be part of” Noble Environmental Europe “will have about 6,000 square meters and license and rights to sell products all over Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa,” said Rene Hausler.

According to Robert Noble, investors recognized Serbia as country with infrastructure, excellent engineering staff and true professionals.

The factory panels will possess thermal boiler to produce energy that will be used in production, and also collect rainwater, which will be used for production purposes, so according to Noble, it will be a world effort and example of responsibility towards nature.

“Workers will not be exposed to toxic gases. They will work in a completely clean environment with clean water and recycled paper and cardboard,” said Noble.

According to him, the longtime partner of “ECOR” in the United States is the American Ministry of Agriculture, because this company is the one and unique in the world which produces the type of panel that can be used in construction, furniture manufacturing and agricultural tools, and today, for laying the foundation stone of the future plant we are using ECOR shovel.

Products will initially be exported, first on the European and later the American and the Russian market.